Executives around the globe are asking themselves how they should prepare for tough times. IT leaders are no exception. Read this report to develop a fundamental framework for assessing your choices as you plan for your organization.

IT faces constant organizational and economic pressure to maintain cost effectiveness and reduce expenses whenever possible. The top reasons organizations reduce costs include:

Proactive IT cost reduction programs
Negative financial or industry performance
Budget reductions
General economic conditions

However, cost reductions are easier said than done. While many organizations successfully reduce costs across IT operations, this can be a painful experience in some areas.

Complete with a decision-making tool, this report will:

  • Explain why organizations undertake cost reduction exercises.
  • Detail which cost reduction activities are most popular in the four focus areas.
  • Explain the success of organizations in reducing costs in each focus area, while
    minimizing negative impact to morale, IT operations and the business.
  • Present specific issues and challenges in each focus area, along with mitigating
    steps and best practices.
  • Present an extended set of best practices in Vendor and Outsourcer Management.
  • Supply case studies on real-world cost cutting scenarios, steps taken and results
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    We provide professional consulting, with up to date experience. We design install operate and maintain all telecommunication systems all over Saudi Arabia, for telecommunications companies, contractors and government.

  • خدماتنا

    تعمل شركة عثمان باني للإدارة التقنية في مجال المقاولات التقنية وتنفيذ مشاريع البنى التحتية لشركات الاتصالات والكهرباء والإنشاءات ونقدم خدماتنا في تركيب وتشغيل وصيانة نظم الاتصالات المدنية والعسكرية ويشمل التالي:

      - توريد وتصميم وتنفيذ وتسليم مشاريع الشبكة الخارجية OSP للألياف الضوئية للمدن والضواحي والمجمعات والدور السكنية ( عمائر – منازل – مكاتب )
    • - الاتصالات العسكرية
    • - الرادارات المدنية والملاحية والعسكرية
    • - مقاسم الجيل الجديد
    • - الكبائن الالكترونية MSAN)
    • - نظم المعلوماتية (DSLAM)
    • - نظم التراسل
    • - النظم الآسلكية الرقمية من الجيل الجديد للمحمول
    • - إلكترو ميكانيك

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